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  1. (pluralia tantum) Certain writings which are received by some Christians as an authentic part of the Holy Scriptures, but are rejected by others.
Note: Fourteen such writings, or books, formed part of the Septuagint, but not of the Hebrew canon recognized by the Jews of Palestine. The Council of Trent included all but three of these in the canon of inspired books having equal authority. The German and English Reformers grouped them in their Bibles under the title Apocrypha, as not having dogmatic authority, but being profitable for instruction. The Apocrypha is now commonly omitted from the King James's Bible. Note: the word is normally capitalised in this usage.
  1. (obsolete) Something, as a writing, that is of doubtful authorship or authority; -- formerly used also adjectively. - Locke.
    Etymology: Latin apocryphus "apocryphal", from Greek á (apocryphus) "hidden, obscure" from á (apocryptÄn) "to hide"; from á (apo) "from" + (cryptÄn) "to hide".

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