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  1. The act of increasing by natural growth; esp. the increase of organic bodies by the internal accession of parts; organic growth.
  2. The act of increasing, or the matter added, by an accession of parts externally; an extraneous addition; as, an accretion of earth.
  • A mineral ... augments not by grown, but by .
  • To strip off all the subordinate parts of his as a later - w:George Cornewall Lewis, George Cornewall Lewis
    1. concretion; coherence of separate particles; as, the accretion of particles so as to form a solid mass.
    2. A growing together of parts naturally separate, as of the fingers toes.
    3. The adhering of property to something else, by which the owner of one thing becomes possessed of a right to another; generally, gain of land by the washing up of sand or sail from the sea or a river, or by a gradual recession of the water from the usual watermark.
    4. Gain to an heir or legatee, failure of a coheir to the same succession, or a co-legatee of the same thing, to take his share.
  • Translations: 
    • French: accrétion
    • German: Zunahme
    • Italian: accrescimento
    • Spanish: aumento, crecimiento
    Etymology: Latin accretio, from accrescere to increase. Compare crescent, increase, accrue

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