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adjective ((compar): more abusive, (superl): most abusive)
  1. Wrongly used; perverted; misapplied.
  • I am ... necessitated to use the word Parliament improperly, according to the acceptation thereof. - Fuller
    1. (archaic) Given to misusing; also, full of abuses.
  • The prerogatives of his see. - Hallam
    1. Practicing abuse; prone to ill treat by coarse, insulting words or by other ill usage; as, an author; an fellow.
    2. Containing abuse, or serving as the instrument of abuse; vituperative; reproachful; scurrilous.
  • Quotations
  • An lampoon. - Johnson
    1. (obsolete) Tending to deceive; fraudulent; cheating.
  • Quotations
  • An treaty. - Bacon
  • Translations: 
    • Dutch: grof, ruw
    Etymology: See French. abusif, from Latin abusivus

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