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  1. Automobile Association
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous
  3. American Airlines
  4. A.A. (or A.'.A.'.) Esoteric Magickal order Astrum Argenteum, or Silver star, a magickal order.
  5. Antiaircraft
  6. Alzheimer's Association
  7. Armed Forces Americas (USPS abbreviation code)
  8. Affirmative Action
  9. African-American
  10. (chemistry): amino acid
  11. (military) assembly area
  12. (military) avenue of approach
  13. (poker) A starting hand in Texas hold 'em comprised of two aces
  • Dutch: ANWB (Netherlands); Touring, VTB-VAB (Belgium)
  • German: ADAC

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  1. (alternative spelling of, Ê»aÊ»Ä) A form of lava flow associated with Hawaiian-type volcanoes, consisting of basaltic rock, usually dark-colored with a jagged and loose, clinkery surface. Compare pahoehoe.
  • 1859 - R. C. Haskell in American journal of science and arts, series XXVIII
  • : We...saw "pahoihoi" or solid lava forming, and also "" or clinkers.
  • 1883 - Clarence E. Dutton in the fourth Annual report of the United States Geological Survey
  • : The second form of the lavas is called by the natives a-a, and its contrast with pahoehoe is about the greatest imaginable. It consists mainly of clinkers sometimes detached, sometimes partially agglutinated together with a bristling array of sharp, jagged, angular fragments.
  • 1944' - Charles A. Cotton: Volcanoes as landscape forms''
  • : Cooling and solidification frequently takes a different lava flows, producing the clinker-like "" lava.
  • Translations: 
      Etymology: From Hawaiian ÊaÊÄ.

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