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  1. (obsolete) A Mexica; an Aztec.
    • 1660: w:Joseph Hall (bishop), Joseph Hall, The Shaking of the Olive-Tree, p. 260
    • :Surely, nature it Å¿elf calls to us for this reÅ¿pect to a deity, even the very Å¿avage Indians may teach us this point of religion; amongÅ¿t whom we find the Mexicans, a people that had never had any intercourÅ¿e with the other three parts of the World, Eminent in this kinde; what Å¿umptuous, and Å¿tately Temples had they erected to their Devils: How did they enrich their miÅ¿-called Gods with Magazins of their treaÅ¿ure?
    • 1677: Richard Gilpin, Daemonologia Sacra, or, a Treatise of Satans Temptations, pp. 255–256
    • :Not unlike to this were thoÅ¿e morÅ¿els of PaÅ¿te, which the Mexicans uÅ¿ed in their Religious FeaÅ¿ts, which they laid at their Idols Feet, conÅ¿ecrating them by Singing and other Ceremonies, and then they called them the FleÅ¿h and Bones of their God Vitziliputzli
    • 1782: review of Storia antica del Messico, in The Critical Review: Or, Annals of Literature, vol. 54, p. 144
    • :The AztecheÅ¿e, or Mexicans, were the laÅ¿t who arrived in Anahuac.
      1. (obsolete) The Nahuatl language.
    • 1856: Arthur Helps, The Spanish Conquest in America, vol. 2, p. 239
    • :Painala was in the Mexican province of Coatzacualco: she was accordingly able to speak .
      1. A person from Mexico or of Mexican descent.
      2. (nonstandard) The Mexican dialect of Spanish.
  • German: Mexikanisch
  • Spanish: mexicano, mejicano
    (trans-bottom) (ttbc-top)
adjective (more)
  1. (obsolete) Of or pertaining to the Mexica people.
  2. (obsolete) Of or pertaining to the Nahuatl language.
    • 1795: W. Winterbotham, An Historical, Geographical, Commerical, and Philosophical View of the American United States, vol 4, p. 87
    • :The principal grain of Mexico, before the introduction of thoÅ¿e from Europe, was maize, in the language called tluolli, of which there were Å¿everal kinds, different in Å¿ize, weight, colour, and taÅ¿te.
    • 1810: review of "Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain", in The Eclectic Review
    • :The language most universally diffused over the new continent, is the Aztec or .
      1. Of, from, or pertaining to Mexico.
    Etymology: From Spanish Mexicano, from Nahuatl Mexihcah, MÄxihcah (plural of Mexihcatl, MÄxihcatl "a Mexica") + -ano "-an".

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