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adjective ((compar) older or elder, (superl) oldest or eldest)
  1. Of an object, concept, etc., having existed for a relatively long period of time.
  • an abandoned building
    1. Of a living being, having lived for relatively many years.
  • a wrinkled man
    1. Having existed or lived for the specified time.
  • How are they? She"s five years and he"s seven. We also have a young teen and a two-year-.
  • My great-grandfather lived to be a hundred and one years .
  • a five-year- car
    1. former, Former, previous.
  • My new car is not as good as my one.
    1. 1994, Michael Grumley, Life Drawing
    2. : But over my life, a new life had formed.
      1. obsolete, Obsolete; out-of-date.
    3. That is the way of doing things; now we do it this way.
      1. tiresome, Tiresome
      Your constant pestering is getting .
    Etymology: ald, from Germanic
    • alÄoz "grown-up", originally a participle form corresponding to Latin altus. Cognate with Dutch oud, German alt.

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