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  1. (obsolete) Something that accrues; advantage accruing
verb (accru, ing)
  1. To increase, to augment; to come to by way of increase; to arise or spring as a growth or result; to be added as increase, profit, or damage, especially as the produce of money lent.
  • And though power failed, her courage did - Spenser
  • Interest accrues to principal - Abbott
  • The great and essential advantages accruing to society from the freedom of the press - Junius
    1. (accounting) To be incurred as a result of the passage of time.
  • The monthly financial statements show all the actual but only some of the accrued expenses.
    Etymology: French accrí, Old French acreí, past participle of accroitre, Old French acroistre to increase; Latin ad + crescere to increase. Compare Accretion, Accresce, Accrete, Crew. See Crescent

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