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A Game A Day Interactive

A Game A Day features a wide variety of free interactive word puzzles, word games, riddles and brainteasers.


Anagrams is a multiplayer game played over the Internet, where letters are "flipped over" and words are formed from them.


Out of Order and Strike a Match are excellent word games played against other people.

Clueword Multilingual word puzzle

clueword multilingual word puzzle where the clues and answers are in different languages

CR Puzzles

This is a great online word gaming site. It features online solvable puzzles, and also puzzles that can be printed out to solve offline, all for free. The many different types of puzzles include logic puzzles, word searches, and crostic puzzles. Try this site for a lot of fun.

Crossword Fillins

A collect of over 50 crossword fillin puzzles and other games.


CryptaGram is the Windows version of cryptoquote and wordsearch, both in one program. You must download the software to play, which is free. The extended version is $10.

dutch scrabble on-line

Play scrabble on-line & many more.


Flipside is a game site, with a number of word games and other games focused on movies, board games, card games and more. Flipside offers prizes, but their message boards are filled with complaints about the program, so buyer beware.

Gabriel Publications Word Games For Catholics

Word games written for Catholics about Catholicism.


This site contains many games, including word games.


An original mix of word games to challenge all word lovers! Even a free word-game-a-day listserver, Wordly-Wise.

Jeux de lettres en VO

Word games in English.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

This educational site includes 4 flash games: Word Search Game, Hangman, Match Game, The Vocabulary Quiz.

Lingo's Homepage

Lingo is an addictive and entertaining game similar to Master Mind but the aim is to uncover a valid English word.


This site features a large variety of puzzles and games, including acrostics, brainteasers, hangman, and many more. Also offers crosswords in several different formats, including French, German, and Spanish! Also contains a multitude of links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other puzzle and gaming sites. This site offers some of the best variety for puzzles and games on the web.


The game is called Wordscape. You can play for free or for real $$


Playsite has many games in different categories...arcade, board, cards, and word. The two word games are Scrabble and Tangleword. Tangleword is a fun boggle like game.There are three versions of Tangleword -- Tangleword 4, 5 and 6, with the number in each case denoting the minimum word length for that game. No points are awarded for words of less than the minimum length. You play just like boggle making words out of adjacent tiles. It's a fun game, with chat.


Many free games. "Word Whomp": Find all the words within a 6 letter word. Hidden words, and crosswords. Earn tokens as you play and take a chance of turning them into cash. Jackpots for most games too. Free chat with most games.

The Pixie Pit

Play e-mail Scrabble, 2, 3, and 4 player games.

Unexpected Games

The concept involves running word factories where you manufacture and repair words. It is free.

Vocabulary University

This site features free vocabulary puzzles with pleasing, interactive graphics that draw participants into learning vocabulary at all levels and, in particular, at grade level. Students can work at their own pace, teachers can find vocabulary puzzles and quizzes by theme, by high school texts, for SATs, etc.

Word Games From East Of The Web

Large selection of word games - anagrams, word definitions, interactive stories, logic and more. Compete with other players for a place in the weekly high score lists.

Word Safari

This is an enjoyable word game that allows web explorers to build their vocabulary as they search.


WordZap - The Addict-ionary Game - Make seven words before your opponent. Online or offline - Freeware or shareware - over one million sold.