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This site provides free online access to a fully cross-referenced collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations and a range of subject specific reference titles. is a dictionary index. Search dictionary by language, subject, etc.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Most of us have heard of the Oxford English Dictionary, but did you know Oxford rival Cambridge actually has 4 dictionaries available online? Best of all use of these dictionaries is free, so check it out!

This site features an online dictionary as well as word of the day, a translator, a forum, and links to other related sites.

Free Online Dictionary

Dictionary, Thesaurus, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!

Freeality Internet Search

Search dozens of Free Online Dictionaries Directly from this page.


This online dictionary can be installed in your browser, your web site, or phone. Double-click a word on any web site or type one in. It features spelling correction, an extensive integrated thesaurus, translation of individual word senses to French, German, Dutch, Spanish, or Portuguese, and intelligent web search using a variety of search engines. It picks up context information from the page on which the word was found to help it find relevant information.

Merriam-Webster Online

Merriam-Webster's Online Language Center offers an online dictionary (based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary) and thesaurus. The dictionary features a new spelling helper that allows you to look up words that you don't know how to spell. Additional features include word of the day, word games, and word for the wise (a 2 minute radio show script that explores the English language). This site has recently added lesson plans for teachers. This is a very comprehensive language site.


A comprehensive index of over 600 dictonaries encompassing 2440427 words. Contains a database search that allows you to find a word contained in any of the dictionaries. If you can't find a word here, odds are it doesn't exist!

Picture Dictionary

A dictionary for elementary aged children.

Real Dictionary

This is an online english dictionary.

WordNet 1.6 Vocabulary Helper

This site has a pretty spartan look, but enter an English word and see what comes back. If you can't wait to find out, the answer is: a full description of words; meaning, synonyms, hyponyms, etc., more than a typical dictionary. This is a great tool.


This is first site to combine definition search with synonym and antonym searches. It is very fast and offers interesting browser tools for easy access from any web site.

Wordtree branching dictionary

The site explains how to find the precise word in English if you know only part of the idea. The system has 2 halves. In the alphabetical index, look up any related idea. Suppose you are looking for the process that is the end of DEVELOPMENT. Look for DEVELOP on the "D" pages. It will list all English verbs whose component is TO DEVELOP. You will see DEVELOP by ENLARGING = to MATURE -- that's what you were seeking.


WordWeb Pro can search words by prefix or suffix. It is anagrams, thesaurus and dictionary!

This comprehensive site features an index of over 2,000 dictionaries. The dictionaries are organized into convenient subsets such as foreign language, multi-lingual, and specialty. Also includes access to thesauri, language indentifiers, translators, grammar tips, and a useful search engine.

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