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Cavers Slang Dictionary

Every sport has it's own slang/jargon and caving is no exception. I can't vouch for it's usefulness since I wouldn't go caving if you paid me (I'm still looking for the claustrophobe's dictionary).

Mountain Bike Slang

From Air to Zonk (another word for Bonk), this has the Mountain Bike terms you always wondered about. Not very pretty looking, but to the point and easy to use.

O'Bryne Files - Hiking / Mountaineering / Rockclimbing Slang Dictionary

This is a useful site for finding out the meanings of various hiking and climbing sports. If you ever wondered why someone was "On Belay", this will explain it to you. This site is Ireland, so some words may be different than in the US, but they tend to point out the differences.

Soccer Dictionary

A short, concise presentation of Soccer (that's Football for the rest of the world) Terms. Did you know Soccer players dribble and tackle? If you're new to the sport or just aren't sure of a term, this can help.

Sports & Sports

A dictionary of sports terms.