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Aussie Slang is a fun searchable dictionary of Australian Slang words and Aussie phrases with an insight into the culture and customs behind the language. Aussie Slang also includes the Global Slang & Dialect Resources Directory listing 100s of slang and dialect sites for various countries, languages, and social groups.

Australian Slang Dictionary

This slang dictionary inhabits a single, easy to read webpage. Part of Koala Net, this page tries to provide only Aussie slang and not British or American.

Dictionary of English Slang

This is the place to find the meaning of all the British slang that you hear on PBS and BBC America. So if you always wondered about what the "Bangers" in "Bangers and Mash" meant, this is the place you'll find the answer.

Everyday English and Slang in Ireland

A comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang - regularly updated

Dictionary of London slang with explanation to the words' origin.

The O'Byrne Files© Guide on how to Speak English in Dublin

Conversation in Dublin is like a maze, filled with twists and turns, unexpected paths, and mined with susprises to trap the unprepared visitor. This section of the O'Byrne Files© provides a slang survival guide with lashings of words, piles of sound advice on the use and meaning of a common phrase, and a heaps of answers not found in any book