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Arabic Language

At this site, you’ll find some resources to help you to understand the Arabic Language better. From the history to useful phrases, this site offers a general overview about the language in order to give you a way to get started in Arabic learning. You will also find links to Arabic language schools abroad.

Babel Arabic

This is an online course in Arabic. From your online computer you will have lessons with sound as well as grammar lessons. All lessons are the product of a cooperation between an Arab native and a non-Arab.

Learn Arabic - Sakhr Software

Sakhr Software makes it simple and easy way to learn Arabic online. You must be a member to use this site. There is a free tour.

Learn Arabic Online

The Shariah Program is a non-profit educational institute based in Toronto and devoted to helping Muslims study classical Arabic and the Shariah sciences under qualified Western-born traditional scholars. They offer local instructor lead classes in Arabic Grammar, Morphology, and Rhetoric, as well as distance learning.

You Learn Arabic

This is a portal of general information, language word lists, website links, and course information that will enable individuals to learn Arabic. In other words, this site is a starting point for further learning. There is also a history of the language and map of the Middle East.

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