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This is a math site for kids - a cool site with a glossary of math terms along with math flash cards, multiplication tables, and biographies of mathematicians. The definitions of the math terms are well written.

Harcourt Brace Math Glossary

This is an interactive Math glossary for kids in grades 1-8. You can search by grade year and letter. They use diagrams to help explain the definitions.

Math Central

On the resource page of Math Central webpage, you can find their math dictionary. It is geared towards middle school age. You can view their site in English and French.

Math Glossary of Terms

This is a glossary of some math terms; it includes examples and some graph illustrations. The terms included is what Wisconsin Model Academic Standards considers what students should know.

Math World

MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia and a glossary intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.

Mathematical Programming Glossary

This webpage contains terms specific to mathematical programming; and some terms from other disciplines, notably economics, computer science, and mathematics, that are directly related.

This is an online mathematical reference, which has a math glossary. Mathenomicon is an invented term describing the dark arts of mathematics.

Maths Dictionary for Kids

This is an on-line glossary of math terms for kids. Their definitions include pictures. You click on a definition displayed on left side of webpage or search by clicking on a letter.

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