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Word of the Week--"Rudimentary"
Definition--Rudimentary- adj. basic; elementary; crude; primitive.

Discussion- Some other words that might used to replace rudimentary include beginning, simple, or undeveloped. For instance, most of us begin learning rudimentary math concepts in Kindergarten or 1st grade. We are in the beginning stages of our learning, the concepts remain simple, and are developed further as we progress in our education.

Rudimentary is an adjective that can also be used to describe preliminary ideas and thoughts. When we have begun to have a great idea, and that light bulb over our head begins to glow, we are experiencing rudimentary thought processes. The first glimpses, or rudiments, of a perhaps brilliant discovery. Or maybe we are just realizing that we need a sandwich.

Rudimentary is not a widely used word, but I believe it just narrowly missed its chance of working its way into the everyday rhetoric of the common person. Just imagine, if only Sherlock Holmes had taken to the word. The rest, as they say, would be, "Rudimentary, my dear Watson."

Etymology--Rudimentary- from the English rudiment, from Latin rudimentum, from rudis, meaning unlearned, or untrained.

Note the similarities in the foreign translations. The only language that does not show similarities is Italian, which seems to have its root in the synonym, fundamental.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  rudimentair
French:  rudimentaire
German:  rudimentär
Italian:  fondamentale
Spanish:  rudimentario

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