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Word of the Week--"gratitude"
Definition: the state of feeling or being grateful; thankfulness
Discussion-- Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving, I thought that the word gratitude would be an appropriate choice for this week's word of the week. As the pace of life continues to become more and more rapid, few of us have time to consider our feelings of gratitude, much less express them. But around the country this week, families will sit down to dinner together and finally take the time to give thanks for the people and things that are most important to them. And who knows? Some may even give thanks for something more profound than turkey, pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving football games. (Not to demean any of these very important institutions!)

I personally will be giving thanks for my wonderful family, which I know sounds very corny but is guaranteed to earn me an extra big slice of pie. Thus you might want to keep it in mind. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  

Etymology--Gratitude is derived from the Latin gratus for pleasing or thankful

The translations below show similar terms, also derived from gratus.

   Foreign Translations
German:  dankbarkeit (f)
Dutch:  dankbaarheid (de)
French:  gratitude (f)
Italian:  gratitudine
Spanish:  gratitud

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