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Word of the Week--"Celebrate"
Definition--to mark (an occasion, especially a birthday or anniversary) with festivities
Discussion--With Thanksgiving barely over, the holiday season approaching and the end of the millennium just around the corner, the word "celebrate" seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. It is a word that calls to mind friends, family and feasts, champagne, presents, confetti and noise makers. When thinking about the millennium, "celebrate" can be a stressful word as it calls to mind the pressure and expense associated with finding an extra special way to spend New Years Eve, 1999. However, celebrate is also a word that brings to mind the joy and appreciation of having something to celebrate.

Etymology--The term celebrate comes from the Latin celebratus, a form of celebrare, meaning to attend in great numbers. It also has associations of thronged, frequented or well known. French, Italian and Spanish show similar Latin roots.

   Foreign Translations
German:  feiern
Dutch:  vieren
French:  celebrer
Italian:  celebrare
Spanish:  celebrar

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