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verb to take over
  1. (idiom) to assume control of something, especially by force; to usurp
  2. (idiom) to adopt a further responsibility or duty
My husband is taking over the accounts department during the holiday period, while the chief accountant is away.
He will the job permanently when the accountant retires.
  1. (idiom) to relieve someone temporarily
If you will driving, I'd like to get some sleep.
  1. (idiom) to buy out the ownership of a business
Acme Motors is to Jetcar Industries this week, if all goes as planned.
  1. (idiom) to appropriate something without permission
  2. (idiom) to annex a territory by conquest or invasion
Ancient Rome took over lands throughout the known world.
  1. (context, idiom, intransitive) To become more successful than someone or something else.
Buzz Lightyear has taken over from Woody as the most popular children's toy.
Tiger Woods has taken over as the top golfer.

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