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  1. (context, literature) A metaphor by which an inclusive term stands for something included, or vice versa; a metaphor in which a part is spoken of as the whole (hand for laborer) or vice-versa (the court for the judge).
Examples of synecdoches are:
  • fifty head of cattle " part (head) for whole (animal).
  • a fleet of ships, fifty sail deep " part (sail) for whole (ship)
  • the police knocked down my door " whole (the police) for part (some police officers)
  • the cat stalks the gazelle " class (cat) for subclass (e.g., cheetah)
  • hand me a Kleenex " subclass (brand named product) for class (all similar products)
  • Translations: 
    • Dutch: synecdoche(nl)f
    • French: synecdoque(fr)f
    • German: Synekdoche(de)f
    • Italian: sineddoche(it)f
    Etymology: From (term, synecdoche, lang=la), from Ancient Greek (term, sc=polytonic, , , tr=sunekdokhe, receiving together).

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