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adjective (stinkier, stinkiest)
  1. (slang) Having a strong, unpleasant smell; stinking.
  2. (slang) bad, Bad, undesirable.
    • 1991, Theresa P. Gladden, Romancing Susan,</sup> Bantam Books, ISBN 055344123X, page 37,
    • : " she walked over to the table and switched off the Walkman as she sat down.
    • : "Hey!" Nikki yelped. "That was a thing to do. That was my favorite song."
    • 2003, Betty Levin, Shoddy Cove,</sup> HarperCollins?, ISBN 0-06-052272-0, page 151,
    • : "School all year round." The father groaned. "What a good idea."
    • : "Stupid, idea," a child remarked from across the room.
    • 2007, Aletha V. Smithson, "Pacifier Breaking" (poem), in As He Was Known,</sup> AuthorHouse?, ISBN 1-4259-7805-3, page 172,
    • : The binky drifted up and far away,
    • : To the man in the moon, I heard them say;
    • : A cute idea but a rotten plan.
    Etymology: stink + -y

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