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  1. A period of calm or silence.
  2. (photography) A non-moving photograph. (The term is generally used only when it is necessary to distinguish from movies.)
  3. (slang) A resident of the Falkland Islands.
    1. to calm down, to quiet
    Still that animal before it hurts someone.
    • French: calmer(fr)
    adjective (er, more)
    1. unmoving
    • French: fr(fr, calme}}, {{t+)immobile
    • German: still(de)
    • Dutch: stil(nl)
    1. at the present time, as in the past.
    Is it raining?
    1. nevertheless
    I"m not hungry, but I"ll manage to find room for dessert.
    1. to an even greater degree. (Used to modify comparative adjectives or adverbs.)
    Tom is tall; Dick is taller; Harry is taller.
    • French: encore(fr)
    • German: noch(de)
    • Italian: it(it, ancora, {{t-)tuttora

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