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noun (sodalit, ies)
  1. companionship, Companionship.
  • 1968: Those would, he thought, be expatriate writers. He was, of course, one of those himself now, but he was indifferent to the duties and pleasures of . " Anthony Burgess, Enderby Outside
    1. A fraternity, a society or association.
  • 1963: There"d even evolved somehow a kind of or fan club that sat around, read from her books and discussed her Theory. " Thomas Pynchon, V.
  • 1916: On the wall of his bedroom hung an illuminated scroll, the certificate of his prefecture in the college of the of the Blessed Virgin Mary. - w:James Joyce, James Joyce, w:Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Macmillan Press Ltd, paperback, p. 98)
  • Etymology: From French sodalité or Latin sodalitas, from sodalis "companion".

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