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  1. A stout whip, especially made of rhinoceros or hippopotamus hide.
  • 1963: Foppl stood holding a or cattle whip of giraffe hide, tapping the handle against his leg in a steady, syncopated figure. " Thomas Pynchon, V.
  • 1989: If dialogue is ever to have a chance, South Africans must find a way to turn away from violence in all its forms " the brutal violence of the " United States Policy Toward South Africa: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on African Affairs by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. Subcommittee on African Affairs: p.333
  • 2006 Police arrested almost 40 locals yeasterday after a crowd took part in illegal marches and refused to disperse. The locals were armed with sticks, sjamboks and other weapons. - Weekend Argus May 13/14 2006 p.1.
  • Etymology: Afrikaans, from Malay sambuk, from Persian/Urdu (FAchar, ÚÙ) (ÄÄbuk) "horsewhip".

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