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noun (pl=septa, pl2=septums)
  1. A wall separating two cavities; a partition; as, the nasal septum.
    • 2002, Springhouse, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice, page 1158
    • : Deviated , a shift from the midline that commonly occurs in normal growth, is present in most adults.
      1. (botany) A partition that separates the cells of a fruit.
      2. (zoology) a. One of the radial calcareous plates of a coral. b. One of the transverse partitions dividing the shell of a mollusk, or of a rhizopod, into several chambers. c. One of the transverse partitions dividing the body cavity of an annelid.
    Etymology: From Latin Latin, septum, saeptum, enclosure, hedge, fence, perfect passive participle of sepire, saepire, hedge in, enclose.

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