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  1. The act of pulling back or withdrawing, as from something dangerous, or unpleasant.
  2. The act of reversing direction and receding from a forward position.
  3. A peaceful, quiet place affording privacy, or security.
  4. A period of retirement, seclusion, or solitude.
  5. A period of meditation, prayer or study
  6. Withdrawal by military force from a dangerous position or from enemy attack.
  7. A signal for a military withdrawal.
  8. A bugle call or drumbeat signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset, as on a military base.
  9. A military ceremony to lower the flag.
    1. To withdraw military forces.
    • Dutch: zich terugtrekken
    • French: se
      1. French, se retirer
      2. German: sich zurí¼ckziehen
      3. Italian: ritirarsi
      4. Spanish: retirarse
    Etymology: From Middle English retret, from Old French retrait or retret (to draw back), from Latin retrahere (retract).

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