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  1. (countable) (context, 16th century) A prostitute, possibly deriving from "puncture".
    • (RQ:Shakespeare Measure), V.i.
    • :My lord, she may be a ; for many of them are neither maid, widow, nor wife.
      1. (countable) (context, 19th century, rare) The bottom in a male-male sexual relationship; a catamite.
      Because he was so weak, Vinny soon became Tony's .
      1. (uncountable) A social and musical movement rooted in rebelling against the established order.
      2. (uncountable) The music of the punk movement, known for short songs with electric guitars, strong drums, and a direct, unproduced approach.
      3. (countable) A person subscribing to the movement, a punk rocker.
      Usage note: An informal plural used within the punk subculture is punx.
      1. (countable) (rfd-redundant) A worthless person.
      2. (countable) A juvenile delinquent, young petty criminal or trouble-maker.
      3. (countable) A utensil for lighting wicks or fuses (such as those of fireworks) resembling stick incense.
    • 1907, Jack London, The Road,
    • :On the end a coal of fire slowly smouldered. It would last for hours, and my cell-mate called it a "."
    • 1994, Ashland Price, Viking Tempest, p353
    • :Then, without another word, he rose and left the shelter, apparently in order to light the vessel's wick with a from the dying campfire.
    • 2004, Shawn Shiflett, Hidden Place, p221
    • :He raised the cylinder high in the air with his bare hand, used a to light the fuse, and KABOOM!
      1. (uncountable) Various kinds of material used as tinder for lighting fires, such as agaric, dry decayed wood or touchwood.
    • 1899, H. B. Cushman, History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians, p271
    • :On one occasion a venerable old Indian man, who, in order to light his pipe, was trying to catch a spark upon a piece of struck from his flint and steel; ...
    • 1922, Harry Ignatius Marshall, The Karen People of Burma, p61
    • :The oil is mixed with bits of dry wood or and moulded into sticks about a cubit long and an inch in diameter by putting it into joints of small bamboo.
    • 2001, William W. Johnstone, War of the Mountain Man, p116
    • :He made him a little smoldering pocket of to light the fuses and waited.
    1. (17th century) To pimp.
    Tony punked-out Vinny when he was low on smokes.
    1. To forcibly perform anal sex upon an unwilling partner.
    Tony punked all his new cell-mates.
    1. To prank.
    I got expelled when I punked the principal.
    1. To give up or concede; to act like a wimp.
    Jimmy was going to help me with the prank, but he punked-out at the last minute.

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