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  1. The feeling of being pierced or punctured by an object with a fine point such as a pin or small nail.
  2. A small pointed object.
  3. A sharp feeling of remorse. (Acts ii. 37.)
  4. (nautical, obsolete) ca. 1740-1850 Small roll of yarn or tobacco.
  5. (slang, vulgar, especially, _, US) A penis.
  6. (US, UK, slang, pejorative) A man or boy; usually unpleasant and rude.
    verb (transitive)
    1. To pierce or puncture.
    John hardly felt the needle his arm when the adept nurse drew blood at his physical.
    1. (figurative) To urge, to spur, to goad, to incite.
    My duty pricks me on to utter that. Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona, ii. 7.
    1. (nautical, obsolete) To trace a ship"s course on a chart.
    2. (nautical, obsolete) To run a middle seam through the cloth of a sail. (The Universal Dictionary of the English Language, 1896)
    3. (rfv-sense) (context, zymurgy) "The floor of a malt-kiln is perforated with small holes which get choked during the malting season. A lad is then employed to clear each hole, which operation is called pricking the kiln." (The Universal Dictionary of the English Language, 1896)

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