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proper noun 
  1. (Canada) A member or support of the Liberal Party
  2. A Liberal Democrat.

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liberal Tweet Definition of liberal Like Definition of liberal on Facebook
  1. One with liberal views, supporting individual liberty (see w:liberalism, Wikipedia on Liberalism for a description of the various and diverging trends of liberalism).
  2. A supporter of any of the particular liberal parties.
  3. One opposing the views of a social conservative and favoring socially responsible taxes. Sometimes used pejoratively in political campaigns.
  4. (italbrac, US, Also 'classical liberal', akin to libertarian) A person who favors individual voting rights, human and civil rights, individual gun-rights, laissez-faire markets, and the gold standard.
    1. Generous in quantity.
    Add a sprinkling of salt.
    1. A political description, following liberalism.
    2. Based on optimistic assumptions.
    At a estimate, growth could exceed 5% next year.
    1. Favoring social freedom; permissive.
    Her parents had ideas about child-rearing.
    1. Favoring ideas that treat all people with equal justice regardless of educational, financial, sexual or racial status.
    2. Opposing conservative positions, particularly those of social conservatives.
    3. Opposing both conservative and socialist positions, particularly those of economic protectionists and authoritarians.
    4. Related to Classical Liberalism, as in the political philosophy of American Conservatives who emphasize liberty, and also Libertarians.
      Etymology: From Latin liber meaning free.

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