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  1. The act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation.
The prisoners made their escape by digging a tunnel
  1. A key on most modern computer keyboards, sometimes abbreviated Esc, and typically programmed to cancel some current operation.
  2. (programming) The ASCII character represented by 27 (decimal) or 1B (hexadecimal.)
You forgot to insert an in the datastream.
  1. (context, snooker) A sucessful shot from a snooker position.
    verb (escap, ing)
    1. (intransitive) To get free, to free oneself.
    The prisoners escaped by jumping over a wall.
    1. (transitive) To avoid (any unpleasant person or thing); to elude, get away from.
    He only got a fine and so escaped going to jail.
    The children climbed out of the window to the fire.
    1. (intransitive) To avoid capture; to get away with something, avoid punishment.
    Luckily, I escaped with only a fine.
    1. (transitive) To elude observation or notice; to not be seen or remembered by.
    The name of the hotel escapes me at present.
    1. (computing) To prefix a character with a special character (depending on context) to allow a character to pass through without special meaning.
    When using the "bash" shell, you can the ampersand character with a backslash.
    In your monobook.js file, you can the apostrophe character with a backslash.
    Brion escaped the double quote character on Windows by adding a second double quote within the literal.
    1. (computing) to halt a program or command by pressing a key (such as the Esc key) or combination of keys
    • Dutch: stoppen
    • French: éviter
    • Italian: evitare
    Etymology: :w:Anglo-Norman, Anglo-Norman and Old Northern French escaper ( = Old French eschaper, modern échapper), from
    • excapare, from Latin ex- + cappa "cloak".

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