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  1. something which softens or lubricates the skin
  • 1993: It must be most painful to have a hard rod thrust into the nether orifice. That was a most painful punishment you had for the King in your play. Painful but fitting. "There are emollients, Kit said, oil, butter and the like. The pleasure is considerable. " Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford
    1. anything soothing, or that makes something more acceptable
  • 2004: Attentive conversation is an I lack sorely aboard Prophetess & the doctor is a veritable polymath. " David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
  • Translations: 
    • Italian: emolliente , demulcente (all senses)
    1. soothing
    2. mollifying
    • Italian: emolliente, demulcente (all senses)
    Etymology: emollient-, present participle stem of emoliare "make soft", from e- + mollis "soft".

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