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  1. To lose heat, to get colder.
I like to let my tea before drinking it so I don't burn by tongue.
  1. (context, idiom, figurative) To become less amicable.
Relations cooled between the USA and the USSR after 1980.
    1. Having a slightly low temperature; mildly or pleasantly cold.
    2. Of a person, not showing emotion.
    3. (colloquial) Of a person, knowing what to do and how to behave in any situation.
    4. (colloquial) In fashion.
    5. (colloquial) Of an action, all right, acceptable, that does not present a problem.
    6. (colloquial) Of a person, not upset by circumstances that might ordinarily be upsetting.
    I'm completely about my girlfriend leaving me.
    1. (colloquial) Being considered as "popular" by others.
    2. Unenthusiastic, lukewarm, skeptical.
    His proposals had a reception.
    • Dutch: kil(nl)
    • French: cool(fr)
    • German: cool(de)
    • Italian: tranquilla(it, tranquillo, m}}, {{t+, it)f
    • Spanish: chévere, bacano/bacana
    Etymology: (rfc-level, Etymology not at level 3) cÅl, cÅlian

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