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  1. (musici) A musical instrument producing a sound when strike, struck, similar to a bell (e.g. a tubular metal bar) or actually a bell. Often used in the plural to refer to the set: the chimes.
Sylvia had a recording of someone playing the chimes against a background of surf noise that she found calming.
Hugo was a player in the school orchestra.
  1. An individual ringing component of such a set.
Peter removed the C
  1. chime from is mounting so that he could get at the dust that had accumulated underneath.
    1. A small bell or other ringing or tone-making device as a component of some other device.
    The professor had stuffed a wad of gum into the of his doorbell so that he wouldn't be bothered.
    1. The sound of such an instrument or device.
    The copier gave a to indicate that it had finished printing.
    1. A small hammer or other device used to strike a bell.
    Strike the bell with the brass hanging on the chain next to it.
    verb (chim, ing)
    1. To make the sound of a chime.
    The microwave chimed to indicate that it was done cooking.
    I got up for lunch as soon as the wall clock began chiming noon.
    1. To agree; to correspond.
    The other lab's results chimed with mine, so I knew we were on the right track with the research.
      Etymology: From cymbalum (maybe via chimbe).

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