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  1. A spherically contained volume of air, especially one made from soapy liquid.
  2. A small spherical cavity in a solid material.
  3. Anything resembling a hollow sphere.
  4. A period of intense speculation in a market, causing prices to rise quickly to irrational levels as the metaphorical bubble expands, and then fall even more quickly as the bubble bursts.
  • French: bulle
  • Spanish: (t, es, burbuja, f), (t, es, pompa, f) (soap bubble)
  • German: Blase
verb (bubbl, es)
  1. (intransitive) To produce bubbles, to rise up in bubbles (such in foods cooking).
  2. (context, transitive, archaic) To cheat, delude.
  3. (context, intransitive, Scotland, Northern England) To cry, weep.
    Etymology: Partly imitative, also influenced by (term, burble).

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