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  1. (heraldry) A verbal or written description of a coat of arms.
  • 1894: should never be forgotten that the best is that which is the most perspicuous — James Parker, A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry.
    1. (heraldry) A formalized language for describing a coat of arms.
  • 1997: We must banish, therefore, the persistent but wholly erroneous notion that the heralds invented many of the terms used in and borrowed the rest from the everyday lexicon of terms... — Gerard J. Brault, Early Blazon
    1. (heraldry): A coat of arms or a banner depicting a coat of arms.
  • Translations: 
    • French: blason, blasonnement
    • German: Blasonierung
    • Italian: blason, blasonatura
    • Spanish: blasón
    1. (transitive) To describe a coat of arms.
    • 1889: After Blazoning the Shield, you proceed to the exterior ornaments viz.: The Helmet, Lambrequin, Crest, Supporters, Badge, and Motto — Charles Norton Elvin, A Dictionary of Heraldry
    • French: blasonner, armorier
    • German: beschreiben
    • Italian: blasonare, divisare
    • Spanish: blasonar
    Etymology: From blason "shield".

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