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  1. (obsolete) Liquid filth; mire.
  2. (Provincial) Lees; dregs. Wright.
verb (addl, ing)
  1. To make addle; to grow addle; to muddle; as, he addled his brain. "Their eggs were addled." Cowper.
  2. (Provincial) To earn by labor. Forby.
  3. (Provincial) To thrive or grow; to ripen.
  • Kill ivy, else tree will addle no more. - Tusser.
  1. Having lost the power of development, and become rotten, as eggs; putrid. Hence: Unfruitful or confused, as brains; muddled. Dryden.
    Etymology: Old English adlen, adilen, to gain, acquire; probably from Icelandic íílask to acquire property, akin to oíal property. Cf. Allodial.

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