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  1. A person whose ancestors are from Normandy or who resides in Normandy.
  2. A member of the mixed Scandinavian and Frankish peoples who in the 11th century were a major military power in Western Europe and who conquered the English in 1066.
  3. (rare) A Northman.
    proper noun 
    1. The langue d'oí¯l variant, closely related to the French of "Ile de France" (i.e. Paris), spoken in Normandy and the Channel Islands, which influenced the development of Quebec French (until the mid 20th century), and was for several centuries the ruling language of England (see Anglo-Norman).
    2. (given name, male)
      1. Of or pertaining to Normandy or its inhabitants (present or past).
      2. Relating to the Norman language.
      1. (rare) Referring to the dialect of French spoken there.
      2. Relating to the Romanesque architecture developed by the Normans after the Norman Conquest, characterized by large arches and heavy columns.
      Etymology: It is certain that the word is derived from the base of the (Ger.) words for (term, north) and the Germanic base of the words for (term, man). However, given the frequent movement of Germanic groups especially into and out of Britain in the post-classical world, it is unclear in what tongue it came to be used first. In addition, the generally accepted meaning, a person from Normandy or one of the many French speaking invaders to Britain, was used chiefly by Anglo-Norman and , though it originally referred to any Scandinavian of the time. See also (term, Northman).

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