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  1. confidence, Confidence in or reliance on some person or quality.
  • 1671, O ever-failing / In mortal strength! " John Milton, Samson Agonistes
    1. dependence, Dependence upon something in the future; hope.
  • 1611, Such have we through Christ. " Authorised Version, 2 Corinthians iii:4.
    1. Confidence in the future payment for goods or services supplied; credit.
  • I was out of cash, but the landlady let me have it on .
    1. (rare) trustworthiness, Trustworthiness, reliability.
    2. The confidence vested in a person who has legal ownership of a property to manage for the benefit of another.
    3. A group of businessmen or traders organised for mutual benefit to produce and distribute specific commodities or services, and managed by a central body of trustees.
    1. (obsolete) secure, Secure, safe.
    2. (obsolete) faithful, Faithful, dependable.
    Etymology: From traust.

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