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noun (rfc, Is the computer .)
  1. A person who allows a guest, particularly into the host's home.
A good host is always considerate of the guest's needs.
  1. A person or organization responsible for running an event.
Our company is host of the annual conference this year.
  1. A moderator or master of ceremonies for a performance.
The host was terrible, but the acts themselves were good.
  1. (computing) (Internet) (context, Unix) Any computer attached to a network.
  2. (computing) (context, networking) A computer or software component that provides services.
This machine is the host of the name server.
  1. A cell or organism in which a virus replicates.
Viruses depend on the host that they infect in order to be able to reproduce
  1. (evolutionism, genetics) An organism bearing certain genetic material.
The so-called junk DNA provides no benefit to its host.
  1. To perform the role of a host.
  • Our company will host the annual conference this year.
  • I was terrible at hosting that show.
  • I'll be hosting tonight. I hope I'm not terrible.
  • Kremvax hosts a variety of services.
    1. (context, computing, Internet) To run software made available to a remote user or process.
    1. 1987 May 7, Selden E. Ball, Jr., "Re: Ethernet Terminal Concentrators", <tt>comp.protocols.tcp-ip</tt>, Usenet
    2. :CMU/TEK TCP/IP software uses an excessive amount of cpu resources for terminal support both outbound, when accessing another system, and inbound, when the local system is hosting a session.

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