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  1. a kind of mediaeval torture device, later associated with a cucking-stool
  2. a cart which opens at the back to release its load
  • 1997: This is a sixteenth-century work done by a Flemish master, Pieter Bruegel, and it is called The Triumph of Death ("). He studies the filled with skulls. " Don DeLillo?, Underworld
    1. a cart used to carry condemned prisoners to their death, especially to the guillotine during the w:French Revolution, French Revolution
  • 1848: It is now ascertained that the and the torches which figured in the massacre-scene of the 23d of February were prepared beforehand " The Times, 26 Jun 1848, p.4 col. B
  • Etymology: From Old French tumberel (in Anglo-Latin tumberellus), from tomber "to fall".

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