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  1. A frog or toad.
  • 1976: The warmth of his defence of the toad led me to suspect uneasily that a close search of his quarters would pretty certainly reveal a comfortable vivarium somewhere, bursting with the little batrachians. " Kyril Bonfiglioli, Something Nasty in the Woodshed (Penguin 2001, p. 421)
  1. Pertaining to a frog or toad.
  • 1939: At this Lena smiled again with that mirthless grin. " Henry Miller, Tropic Of Capricorn
  • 1965: His lips pursed into a smile, and he dug again into the honey. " John Fowles, The Magus
  • Etymology: From modern Latin Batrachia, former name of the zoological order Anura, from Greek , neuter plural of adjective from "frog".

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