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anchor Tweet Definition of anchor Like Definition of anchor on Facebook
  1. (nautical) A tool used to moor a vessel to the bottom of a sea or river to resist movement.
  • Formerly a vessel would differentiate amongst the anchors carried as waist anchor, best bower, bower, stream and kedge anchors, depending on purpose and, to a great extent, on mass and size of the anchor. Modern usage is storm anchor for the heaviest anchor with the longest rode, best bower or simply bower for the most commonly used anchor deployed from the bow, and stream or lunch hook for a small, light anchor used for temporary moorage and often deployed from the stern.
  • (nautical) An iron device so shaped as to grip the bottom and hold a vessel at her berth by the chain or rope attached. (FM 55-501).
    1. (nautical) Generic term to refer to the combined anchoring gear (anchor, rode, and fittings such as bitts, cat, and windlass.)
    2. A fixed point, especially materials or tools used to affix something at that point.
    3. (internet) An HTML/XHTML mark-up tag to define a position in a file, or a link to a URL.
    4. (italbrac, television) An anchorman or anchorwoman.
  • verb 
    1. To hold an object, especially a ship or a boat to a fixed point.
    2. To provide emotional stability for a person in distress.
    3. To perform as an anchorman.
    Anchorage Tweet Definition of Anchorage Like Definition of Anchorage on Facebook
    proper noun 
    1. a large coastal city in Alaska
    arch Tweet Definition of arch Like Definition of arch on Facebook
    1. An inverted U shape.
    2. An arch-shaped arrangement of trapezoidal stones, designed to redistribute downward force outward.
    3. An architectural element having the shape of an arch
    verb (arches, arching, arched)
    1. To form into an arch shape
    The cat arched its back
    1. knowing, clever
    I attempted to hide my emotions, but an arch remark escaped my lips.
    asphalt Tweet Definition of asphalt Like Definition of asphalt on Facebook
    1. A sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid that is present in most crude petroleums and in some natural deposits. Asphalt is composed almost entirely of bitumen.
    2. Often used as an abbreviation for asphalt concrete. A hard ground covering used for roads and walkways
    (wikipedia, asphalt concrete)      

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